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Panama City, Panama


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We are a family operated company with more than ten years of experience. Plan your party! We'll make sure you have fun!
The story.
Party buses are originally from Cartagena, Colombia.
One day someone had the idea of introducing the Colombian Party Bus to Panama.
In Panama, old American high-school buses served as the city's main transportation system for years. Painted by hand and decorated with local designs, the buses are better known as Red Devils or "Diablo Rojos" in Spanish.
Some Red Devils were modified into party buses, with the seats arranged horizontally on either side, leaving a small dancing floor in the middle. The bar and DJ booth are located in the back of the bus
With the introduction of Panama's new Metro Bus System, Red Devils are becoming a thing of the past. But you can still catch one to party at night. Party buses are colloquially known as CHIVAS.